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Voices for Jazzy: finally handed the mic



University of Hartford


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Voices for Jazzy: finally handed the mic

Michelle Mor


With the University of Hartford in a state of civil emergency, a meeting was held by the campus Multicultural Organization on Wednesday evening, November 1st. University students, residents, and faculty were encouraged to attend to conjure “Justice for Jazzy.”

The room was packed; faces that the university has never seen before suddenly appeared. Some came simply to catch a glimpse of campus activism in the act, others using their presence as their own form of personal advocacy.

Unanimity arrived; dressed in a need for a collective voice to be heard.

Candid, and raw, the people found their opportunity to vocalize the personal, and potent opinions that Jazzy and her story have inspired.

We heard from the student body:

“Honestly, we need to do more loving on this campus- loving people regardless of what they look like.”

“Our campus often sweeps things under the covers"

“We shouldn't turn ourselves into bullies for saying really mean things”
“How many public safety officers of color do we see on this campus?”

“Why am I not protected at my own home?”
" Where did the school go wrong preventing this incident?”

"As the University of Hartford we need to be vocal for other universities”

"There are so many different entities that have their own systems…
... students need to be up to date on what are the systems?"

We heard the voices of UHart faculty members:

This is someone's daughter; this is somebody’s sister

“One thing I have heard all around campus- how inactive and asleep the student body is”
"The biggest thing is- speak up until your voice is heard”

“-But it's not always up to the students to take initiative”

We heard from the university administration:

“This is a family, and I want to speak with my family before I speak with the community”
“Some people knew, where are they?”
"Believe me, if there are ways to attract more faculty of color we are looking into it”

The struggle of one has brought to light other issues embedded within campus public safety, the student conduct system, and bullying at the University of Hartford. In unison with the array of intelligent voices that were heard last night, the eyes of the university have widened. UHart has suddenly come face to face with problematic systems and procedures; a community voice is working closely, by its side to respond with possible future solutions.