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Mysterious UFO Lands on the Academic Lawn

rival week


University of Hartford


- satire

Mysterious UFO Lands on the Academic Lawn

A pre-text for Halloweekend at UHart

Michelle Mor


A wave of panic has consumed residents and staff at the University of Hartford.

On Thursday, October 19th, students reported sightings of an obscure white vessel in the center of the grass on the academic side of campus. Paneled with windows all around its sides, the spacecraft landed at the University of Hartford during the darknened AM hours.

The foreign craft has disembarked at this location several times before.

NASA's surveillance of the UHart campus is on going, as UFO sightings have been reported on the same weekend every year for the last decade. The massive blanketing ship has spooked University students; it immediately becomes an eyesore at the midpoint of a daily commute to class.

"I saw all sorts of wrinkly faces when I passed by it," Joe, a student at UHart told The Rival, "they were sitting in rows of folding chairs."

Joe wasn't the only student who felt prompted to peek into the slotted white walls. Alarmed, and frightened by the alien craft, a crowd has formed around the perimeter of the UFO over the last several days.

"Weird shit goes down here this time of year, I'll tell you," George, Junior Biology major said, "I swear I smelled BBQ coming from the openings of the white thing when I was walking into Dana Hall earlier today."

The spacecraft mysteriously departed Monday morning, October 23rd. The University of Hartford campus will remain an open investigation for the United States Government until further notice.